We have the teams in place to push your business forward. From completely transforming your back office into an automated business powerhouse utilising the latest cloud technologies, to kick-starting your workflow and improving your sales and customer acquisition pipeline. We’re the answer to the question “How do we make more money, without giving up the earth”.

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Who We Invest In

We don't discriminate against any business type. We'll get to know your business and if it's a good fit, we'll make you an offer.

Entity Type

Whether you're a sole trader, an existing limited company or any other legal entity. We'll still look at what we can do and what value we can bring. We dont discriminate against any type of business formation.


It doesn't matter much to us whether you're pre-revenue, early stage revenue, have massive turnover or are heavily invested in already. If we can boost your business then you're our type of business.


We are location agnostic, meaning you don't need to be located in the United Kingdom to qualify for our investment. The internet has created a breed of remote business ventures with no physical location. We embrace this.